Angel Dessous – Lulu

Keira,model, photographer and stylist wears

Angel Dessous-Lulu-berry  NEW!

/Wasabi Pills/ Orion FEM Mesh Hair – Rye

-Glam Affair- Linn Light – BL CLEAN

[mock] Back to Basics [eyeshadow] [Black Currant]

blackLiquid MAKEUP – mauve pink gloss lips  COMING SOON!


[Aliza Karu] AngelsDemons Creations

Keira, model, photographer and stylist wears

[Aliza Karu] Miss Christmas Skeleton Dress

[Aliza Karu] Miss Christmas Skeleton Hair

*X*plosion CrazyBuisness GlovesLong (red)

-Glam Affair –Linn Snow White- Xmas gift

Faster Pussycat News

I am a huge fan of Faster Pussycat since long time and Honey Bender keeps amazing me with new outfits.

Today is FP Lady Garden Cabaret “Satine” – silver the look of my choice. A beautiful sequin bodysuit in silver with a glittering stars skirt. A wow in this is the headpiece, which is included…

This outfit is a perfect choice for celebrate a dazzling and glamorous New Years Party ❤

Skin: Glam Affair Linn
Jewelry: Finesmith

Countdown – Confidential Gown

Keira, model, photographer and stylist wears

Countdown.Confidential Gown  NEW!


+ROZOREGALIA*BOUHACHI*gloves (fur cuff resized and used as headband)

F I N E S M I T H  hermosa espina earrings black  NEW!

F I N E S M I T H  hermosa espina necklace black  NEW!

-Glam Affair- Linn Light – BL 07

[PM] Sculpted Nails V2 – Gloss

Angel Dessous – Seoul

Keira, model, photographer and stylist wears

Angel Dessous – Seoul Black-Silver

Gown for Miss South Korea, Caoimhe Lionheart, Top 12 Finalist of MVW 2012

F I N E S M I T H  Grace Earrings (Winter gift)

N-core FEMME “Noir Intense”

booN KZK736 hair black

-Glam Affair- Linn Light – D 02

blackLiquid MAKEUP blue glitter shadow

[ PXL ] OpenMouth addon

[PM] Sculpted Nails V2 – Gloss

Angel Dessous ~ Helen Wedding

Dear Fashionistas,

it’s wedding time again. Today it is a wedding with an avantgarde bride wearing Helen, the newest stunning release of Angel Dessous.

A slim kneelong skirt with bustier style top is surrounded by a beautiful soft flowing chiffon skirt. The shoulders are embraced  with a chiffon shawl and flowers.

The stunning but stylish flowers repeat in an attachment on the waist and with the awesome headpiece is the elegant look of this fabulous wedding dress complete.

Whenever i would marry in SL, this would be my dress. The knee long skirt with all the chiffon around is just what i love. Helen is elegant but also beautiful dreamy <333

Take your ride to Blue Sky to see it on the Storemodel.

Stay stylish,

Lea xoxox