~Nemesis & Tukinowaguma – Feelings~

I had the honor of styling a poster for Calypso Clip of Nemesis. She is a very lovely lady and beside this she is a great designer. I felt in love with her new collection, coming in a few days. Today i will show you some previews of the trendy and hip collection and some of the best casual styles i’ve seen.

Tukinowaguma released new Hairstyles some days ago. They go perfect with the styles and well, i am wearing Tukinowaguma since my noob times. One of the best Hairs you can get in SL.

~Feeling Princess~
Nemesis Money dress phlox, with a sheer lace neckline. Nemesis Bubble tights orchid, Drive Tiara phlox and Retro rings orchid
Tukinowaguma Jute Ebony

~Feeling Gaga~
Nemesis Famous bodysuit in a shimmering turquise, Nemesis Look corset teal, Bowling earrings quarry black, Smile necklace sad and Fabulous gloves teal
Tukinowaguma Dagny pink

~Feeling sunny~
Nemesis Fresh dress Bamboo, Smile necklace wink, Travel glasses emberglow and Adorable earrings Bamboo
Tukinowaguma Frances ebony

~Feeling City~
Nemesis Daily skirt cedar, Train tank nougat, Bowling earrings Bamboo black,
Fabulous gloves black, Nevada bag cedar and Smile necklace joy
Tukinowaguma Idoya Hairpiece brown with hairbase

~Feeling Holidays~
Nemesis Hotel pants black with a beautiful bow on the hip (comes also in white/black and nougat/black), Nemesis Road top City, Fabulous gloves teal, Dance earrings gold and Smile necklace anger
Tukinowaguma Vera gold

All dress parts and hair are available in several colors for mix and match.

Shopping time!

Taxi to Nemesis:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/192/182/26

Taxi to Tukinowaguma:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tukinowaguma/4/127/25

Stay styled ❤



~PurpleMoon Caoimhe Gown”

PurpleMoon = Poulet Koenkamp = fantastic designs!

Today i have the big pleasure to show you the NEW Release of PurpleMoon, Caoimhe. This gorgeous gown was made for the winner of the Anniversary contest “Essence of PurpleMoon 2011”, Miss Caoimhe Lionheart and it is as beautiful as Cao.

The bodice is party sheer in a shmmering satin. The fingerless gloves are divalish and make a noble look, and look at the skirt! Wonderful flowing layers of satin and lace with a little train. The collar, which is surrounding the neckline  is the cherry on the cake, made of sheer lace and simply amazing.

Caoimhe is a gown to feel irresistible in. Try it and bring your Diva out!

Caoimhe in lavender, styled with Vanity hair and a light pink makeup by GlamAffair.

Caoimhe in teal, always one of my fav colors, with Tukinowaguma hair and again Makeup by GlamAffair

Caoimhe in camel with Plume hair

Caoimhe is also available in steel, a steelblue color, and in black.

I think this is a must have in your wardrobe ❤

Stay stylish,


Anubis “Nala” and “Karola”

Hello dears,

again some gorgeous news from Anubis!
Anubis Hartunian keeps to be very busy creating stunning dresses.

Here is Nala. It is named after the Show Your Style winner Nala Kurka. It is what i call drop dead elegant and ladylike. The vintage feeling in it is so my style. If you want to cause impact with style and grace, this dress is your choice. Here shown in chocolate color.

Nala is available also in a beautiful olive color, the shoes with pearls, 2 different pairs of glovs, the beautiful hat and pearl earrings are included.

The second dress is a very cute, sexy and fun summer esemble called Karola.
The set includes a mini skirt, a summer top, a hat, a bag and abolute lovely sabots in pink! Piiiiink <33 … but the surprise is, it is only 10 L$!!

Run to the store and safe your complete summer dress for this awesome price! And also look around for the new beautiful releases of Anubis Style <333
(Taxi is below)

Taxi to Anubis Style Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Journey/156/187/23

Stay stylish! ❤



Nala chocolate dress complete with shoes and hat by Anubis Style
Marlene hair by Donna Flora
Princess necklace and bracelet by Donna Flora

Karola summer outfit with sabots, bag and hat
Tukinowaguma Ysabel hair in copper
Gabriela necklace by Donna Flora

Purplemoon Part 1 – Boho Style

Hello dears,

Poulet Koenkamp of Purplemoon released a lot of absolutely gorgeous stuff last weeks. I went to store and well… i saw soooo many i wanted to have and show you, so i decided doing 2 blogs with all :-)).

Let’s first look at the bombastic Boho series, which are released since some days now. Summer fun and holidays are in my mind when i look at those beautiful clothes. Also shoes, jewelry and other accessories are available. It is a visit worth, believe me!

Here comes Marga Tunic with Jazmin Capri Jeans andPolka Pumps.
Marga is a lovely tunic top available in a lot of gorgeous colors. Some parts are prim and they fit excellent! Bangles and nails are PM too, so from head to toe dressed in PurpleMoon 🙂

The next dress is called Carnation. It is a sweet and beautiful long dress in empire style, also available in several great colors. The Boho style is colorful and i simply love it!
I chosed the new Tukinowaguma Suelo hair for that dress. Bangles and nails are Purplemoon too.

Piiiiiink! I love pink, yeah. Sometimes i am a girly 😉
But who doesn’t love this cute Lily top and Rose leggins style?
The Narcissus Ballerinas are PM too, the hair is Vanity Tatoom.

Here is your taxi to PurpleMoon’s Boho Collection:


Stay tuned for blog part 2 with FAB new gown releases. You will be blewn away!

Hugs and be fab ❤

Style cards:

Outfit 1
:: PM :: Marga Tunic in Aquamarine
:: PM :: Jazmin Capri Jeans in medium blue
:: PM :: Polka Pumps
:: PM :: Etnia Bangles in Ocean blue
:: PM :: Feather Earrings in gold
:: PM :: Metallic Ocean blue nails
Tukinowaguma hair Jenny in ebony

Outfit 2
:: PM :: Carnation in Sienna
:: PM :: Etnia bangles in brown
:: PM :: Metallic golden Yellow nails
:: PM :: Narcissus Ballerinas in copper
Tukinowaguma Suelo Tan
LaGyo Claresics necklace copper

Outfit 3
:: PM :: Lily top in pink
:: PM :: Rose leggins in pink
:: PM :: Narcissus Ballerinas in Magenta
Vanity hair Tatoom blonde
::je::suis::tente:: Bracelet and necklace in pink
Candy Nail Swallowtail pink

Faster Pussycat ~ Summer of Love

Honey Bender did it again ❤

What a colorful, sweet, hippie, boho and trendy Summer of Love! The new series is just amazing. Combine all, make your own outfit out of the beautiful tops, pants, jackets and and and… i looove it but i have to admit i am a huge FP fan already. I bet you will love it too!

The first sets are 70’s pants with flowing wide leg attachments and amazing tie tops, here in a beautiful brown

and in blue/yellow paisley ❤

The next sets are called “Beach Babe” and look at those lovely bikini dresses. Beach Babe comes with a booty pant and silver bra and for the beach party just add the cuuute Tutu skirt :-)))

But… not only beach and pants..nono! Also adorable dresses are in the new collection “Summer of Love”. Here is one of them, Paisley dress.

Last but not least another pants outfit Andy Warhol would love too!
Pop Art tights combined with a quilted jacket and a tie top. Look at the back of the jacket… i love it :-))))

For your personal Summer of Love take the taxi, tp to Faster Pussycat and grab your favorite dresses. I am sure you won’t go home with only 1 ;-))

Honey, you are one of my tops in SL since long time ❤


Peace out!

Styling cards:

1 – Luxury Boho set brown batik
Faster Pussycat Luxury Boho Batik pants
Faster Pussycat Sculpted Tie Top / brown batik
Hair Tukinowaguma Suelo Ebony
ZC Nizam bajubandh white
LeLutka Saffron pumps neutral brown
Skin Glam Affair Mary med-tan

2 – Luxury Boho Set / blue and yellow paisley
FP Luxury Boho Paisley Pants
FP Sculpted Tie Top blue/yellow
Hair Vanity Giulietta
LeLutka Saffron pumps electric royal

3a – Faster Pussycat Beach Babe lime
FP silver Bikini top
FP Lacy Booty Shorts lime
FP Beach Tutu lime
Hair Vanity Cami Chic Vainille
[Mandala] Amida necklace
Reiki Bracelet white stone

3b – Faster Pussycat Beach Babe Aqua
FP silver Bikini top
FP Lacy Booty Shorts Aqua
FP Beach Tutu Aqua
Hair Mirai Style .+*Paio*+ pearl
[Mandala] Soul necklace and earrings silver

4 – Luxury BohoPaisley Dress – blue and yellow
FP Luxury Boho Paisley dress
Hair Tukinowaguma Suelo tan
LeLutka K.I.A. Shoes DeepCapri

5 – Pop Art Tights, Tie Top & LuxBoho Jacket
FP Pop Art tights
FP Paisley Tie Top – Yellow
FP LuxBoho Jacket – golden syrup
LeLutka Inverted hair powder
::PM:: Chloe sunglasses
*GF* Short Western Boots brown
[Mandala] Soul bracelet, Amida earrings

Anubis NEWS

News from Anubis Style! Gorgeous news 😉

Anubis Hartunian did it again! Her new releases are just awesome. After gypsy style and summer sexyness (also in my blog) she designed a very noble and beautiful gown called “Arion”. I show it in blue, and it is also available in a wonderful mystic tangerine color.

have a look at the beautiful collar made of butterflies and that sexy back with the deep neckline ❤ The hair, which is perfect for the dress, is Madame Butterfly by Plume.

One of my all time favs of ANUBIS Style is the next new release “Malika”.
A sexy silver pant with a P!nk bustier.  It comes with gloves, belt, necklace and the awesome sunglasses! A really sexy but also glam outfit.

The little details like the bows on the gloves makes that outfit special. I really love it!

Here is your Taxi to ANUBIS! Remember, there are not only great new dresses, but also fantastic shoes and jewelry!


Big hugs Anubis, i admire you! ❤

Style cards:
Gown “Arion” in blue by Anubis Style
Hair: Madame Butterfly by Plume
Makeup: Miamai dark desires blue

Outfit by Anubis Style
Hair: Tukinowaguma Eileen with hairbase in ebony
Skin Glam Affair
LeLutka Saffron Pumps in black
Earrings by Finesmith

Anubis & Tukinowaguma

Today i show you a perfect italian/japanese cooperation with outstanding new dresses from Anubis by Anubis Hartunian and beautiful new hair from Tukinowaguma by KateFoster Akina and AlexWyler Yoshikawa.
Both brands are well known for best quality and detailled work. So look at those stunning new creations they made :-))

The black dress is “Roxy” by Anubis. It is a dress in a neckholder style, really rocking and sexy. On the skirt are sculpted roses and feathered beads. The gloves, belt and also the beautiful hoop earrings are included. The “Roxy” Shoes can be bought at Anuda, the Accessory brand of Anubis.
The hair is the new beautiful Benita by Tukinowaguma in ebony.

Red is one of the most loved colors. This beautiful red dress is called “Aolani”. It is a beautiful summer style mini with high detailled prim work. Look in the detail pic at the nice roses necklace which comes with the outfit, and the shoeeees *geeez*… red high heels with roses around the stiletto… *sigh, beautiful!!

The hair is the fabulous Augustina by Tukinowaguma!

Another brandnew dress comes in 4 dazzling summer colors and is called “Kiran”. Kiran is slim and sexy. The stone color of the jeans miniskirt is perfect for the bustier top in beautiful colors. Two pairs of Sunglasses come with each set, one for wearing on the hair, one for wearing on the eyes. Isnt that a really summer design? I have to say i love them all. I could not chose a color so i show you all 😉

Kiran Green with Tukinowaguma Aurora in red
Kiran blue with Tukinowaguma Asia in tan
Kiran yellow with Tukinowaguma Ysabel in brown
Kiran pink with Tukinowaguma Ilse in ebony

Here are some details like the hoop earrings of Roxy dress, the necklace of “Aolani” and the FAAAAB Lipstick heels from Anuda in royal blue and pink 🙂

A TP to Anubis and Tukinowaguma guarantees a perfect Shopping tour!


other Jewelry: JeSuis
Nails: CCD
Skins: Glam Affair
all Poses: Manifeste