Elegancia ~ London Fashion Week MEB, Seldom Blue, Vero Modero & WYS

Hello Fashionistas,

high fashion is coming to the Virtual London Sims this summer and is promised to be a week filled with spectacular designs from around the world.  Elegancia with its cast of top models will be strutting the catwalk starting June 14th and concluding on June 18th.  Please mark your calendars for an enjoyable week full of fashion and beauty.

Here is my first blog for VLFW. Let’s start with a beautiful gown designed by IndigoBlue Dagostino from Seldom Blue, “Sienna”.

MariaElena Barbosa designed the next awesome outfit “Kelly”. I love the colors and style. My hair inn this pic is from LoQ, one of the Fashion week sponsors ❤
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KLIO/86/197/23  << MEB
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Mystic%20Moonlight/115/64/22  << LoQ

Vero Modero is part of the Fashion week and i show you one of the dresses in the show, “Night Crow”… isnt it fabulous?

Catlyn Sahara designed a beautiful summery Swimsuit. It is called “Veronica” and it is from Whats Your Secret! ❤
Please contact Catlyn for purchasing info, she moves her mainstore at moment.

This is the first part, some more will follow :-)))

See you at Virtual London Fashion Week Summer 2011!

Hugs and stay stylish ❤

Seldom Blue Sienna gown
CCD Patty jewelry set with diadem
CCD nails Excellence silver
Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth Silver Diamante
!VA! Tiffany’s Vainille

MEB Kelly dress
MEB Stiletto Yellow vernish
LoQ hair Risretto platinum
CCD nails Ice Turquise
Glam Affair Layla with lipstick aqua
Donna Flora Amalia jewelry

Vero Modero “Night Crow” Outfit
Utopia Shock boots black
Finesmith InTheFlash accupunture Jewely
LeLutka Tokyo hair

Whats Your Secret “Veronica” Swimsuit
LoQ Hais “Cafe Au Lait”
LaGyo Flower Mix Headbend
Glam Affair Layla tan with lipstick wisteria


Purplemoon Part 1 – Boho Style

Hello dears,

Poulet Koenkamp of Purplemoon released a lot of absolutely gorgeous stuff last weeks. I went to store and well… i saw soooo many i wanted to have and show you, so i decided doing 2 blogs with all :-)).

Let’s first look at the bombastic Boho series, which are released since some days now. Summer fun and holidays are in my mind when i look at those beautiful clothes. Also shoes, jewelry and other accessories are available. It is a visit worth, believe me!

Here comes Marga Tunic with Jazmin Capri Jeans andPolka Pumps.
Marga is a lovely tunic top available in a lot of gorgeous colors. Some parts are prim and they fit excellent! Bangles and nails are PM too, so from head to toe dressed in PurpleMoon 🙂

The next dress is called Carnation. It is a sweet and beautiful long dress in empire style, also available in several great colors. The Boho style is colorful and i simply love it!
I chosed the new Tukinowaguma Suelo hair for that dress. Bangles and nails are Purplemoon too.

Piiiiiink! I love pink, yeah. Sometimes i am a girly 😉
But who doesn’t love this cute Lily top and Rose leggins style?
The Narcissus Ballerinas are PM too, the hair is Vanity Tatoom.

Here is your taxi to PurpleMoon’s Boho Collection:


Stay tuned for blog part 2 with FAB new gown releases. You will be blewn away!

Hugs and be fab ❤

Style cards:

Outfit 1
:: PM :: Marga Tunic in Aquamarine
:: PM :: Jazmin Capri Jeans in medium blue
:: PM :: Polka Pumps
:: PM :: Etnia Bangles in Ocean blue
:: PM :: Feather Earrings in gold
:: PM :: Metallic Ocean blue nails
Tukinowaguma hair Jenny in ebony

Outfit 2
:: PM :: Carnation in Sienna
:: PM :: Etnia bangles in brown
:: PM :: Metallic golden Yellow nails
:: PM :: Narcissus Ballerinas in copper
Tukinowaguma Suelo Tan
LaGyo Claresics necklace copper

Outfit 3
:: PM :: Lily top in pink
:: PM :: Rose leggins in pink
:: PM :: Narcissus Ballerinas in Magenta
Vanity hair Tatoom blonde
::je::suis::tente:: Bracelet and necklace in pink
Candy Nail Swallowtail pink

Angel Dessous Black Series

Some weeks ago, Nando and i were a bit bored about all the summer and spring colours and we thought Angel Dessous should release something black. We are both black fans and so the decision was easy to make. First evening i was in a rehearsal and when i came back, he created Devine with the feather skirt, feather collar and the beautiful corset. I felt immediately in love with that dress and this is a good point to let you know how proud i am of him <3.

Devine blood followed and also Chess and the Domino’s. Our friend Chirzaka Vlodovic is a hat designer since long time and we asked her if she likes to design some hats for this collection and the result was stunning!

This is Devine blood with Lode hat “Ant”. I wear it without the shirt layer but with Finesmith nipple shields Maya.

The black/darkbrown version of Devine with Lode hat “Weed”. This time with the shirt and cuffs.

Chess and Domino are pencil skirt dresses. Let’s show legs and of course heels ;-). Chess is available in black with the stunning corset (left side). Domino is available in several colors. The collar and belt is decorated with glittering hems. The Lode hat is “Ash Daisy”.

Domino in red and blue (it’s also available in black). The red color with Lode hat “Snop Drop”

It’s weekend and on weekends it is my best time for shopping 🙂

Taxi to Angel Dessous http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Sky/128/20/24



Stay fab and have a nice weekend! ❤


Style cards:

Angel Dessous Domino red
Lode hat “Snowdrop”
Vanity Tiffany’s black
Finesmith heartlogy earrings
Glam Affair Mary light

Angel Dessous Domino blue
Vanity Blush vainille
Finesmith Draakje necklace & bracelet
Finesmith spike nails & Glance earrings
sYs Epsilon makeup graphic eyes blue

Angel Dessous Domino white
Lode hat Ash Daisy
Vanity Venice blonde
Finesmith iNThe FlaSh Victorian secret
CCD nails Elegance silver
Glam Affair Mary med tan

Angel Dessous Chess
Lelutka -S hair powder
Miamai makeup Romance
Finesmith Glance earrings

Angel Dessous Devine blood
Lode hat Ant
Baiastice Moira Hair attachment black
Finesmith Draakje set & Elle earrings
CCD makeup MesmerEyez silver
LG Dumah lipstick glossy black
Mstyle Longest Nails Domina

Angel Dessous Devine black
Lode hat “Weed”
Lelutka hair bun dark
Vanity black swanmakeup
Finesmith spike nails & draakje necklace

All poses Manifeste.

Totally “Bliss”ed

Who don’t know Bliss Couture? Amutey DeCuirs famous brand is one of the biggest in SL. I am regularly there for shopping and don’t think that i leave only one time without anything fabulous 🙂

Beside the beautiful Gowns is Amutey also hair designer and she released short time ago a fantastic casual series.

Let’s have a look at the stunning designs of Bliss Couture!

First i show you 2 pants styles… fab-u-lous pant styles from the new series ❤

The blue jeans style of the Nunu low rise jeans are very hip, as they are following the 70’s style which is really common at moment in SL. The lovely pink tube top is perfect for them.
The lime green Tigeria skinny jeans is with the Bellamorda top in bronze a really eyecatcher!

Next are 2 dress styles, first Kathena flexi dress in blue. This sexy beautiful dress is so cute! I loved at first sight the neckholder. It is a double pearl row and it’s so charming!

Let me remind you, that all hairs shown in this blog post are Bliss hair!

Here comes the new SarahJane dress. I chosed here the color sea, as it is one of my fav colors 😉 This dress is also a bit in my fav 70’s style. Isn’t it just sweet?

Last but not least – Bliss’ main column, the amazing gowns!

Josephine is a glittering wonderful gown in empire style. Several layers of glimmering chiffon let you feel like a star! Here is the beige color with Bliss Denise hair.

At last another simply beautiful gown, Meimei in fire engine red. This gown is so softly flowing and the color is like wow! Check them out, 5 fantastic colors are available.

What should i say more than… all dresses are in several colors available and each single one is a hit!

Thank you Amutey and your team! <333


Style cards:

Pic 1 left:
Bliss Basic Nunu low rise jeans in blue
Bliss Basic Karry lace tube in pink
Bliss hair Sonne in sugar
Pixelfashion Babsy belt in brown
LaGyo Spring Orchyds headpiece

Pic 1 right:
Bliss Basic Tigeria skinny jeans lime
Bliss Basic Bellamorda in bronze
Bliss hair Fire hair in bordeaux
Anubis Lipstick pumps in lime
LaGyo Clarescis necklace and Radii earrings

Pic 2:
Bliss Couture Kathena in blue
Bliss hair Renee in sugar
LaGyo blue roses headbead
LeLutka Saffron pumps in sky

Pic 3:
Bliss Couture SarahJane dress in sea
Bliss hair Yesenia in bordeaux
Je Suis tente necklace in aqua

Pic 4:
Bliss Couture Josephine gown in beige
Bliss hair Denise in champagne
Alienbear jewelry Mimmi

Bliss Couture Meimei gown in fireengine red
Bliss hair Peyton in caviar
Alienbear KisCar II Jewelry in gold

Faster Pussycat News

A few weeks ago i had the big pleasure showcasing in my Agency Passion the new Faster Pussycat releases. Now it is time for some impressions of those really gorgeous designs made by Honey Bender and PoosyKat LittleBoots.

First is “The Empress”, a dramatic style with a beautiful cape, bodice, hat and heart pasties.

Style Card:

Faster Pussycat “The Empress”
LaGyo “Famous” earrings and “Contexus” necklace
*+Crie Style+* Monokel (Dark-Knight clock)
Mstyle Longest Nails “Domina”
Faster Pussycat “Nightmare” Boots
Glam Affair Mary tan

The next Outfit is a very stylish, ladylike and stunning dress “Wicked Pencil Dress”. I love the very feminine white lace ruffles which makes a beautiful decollete. The Vanity hair and the little hat by Chrizaka Vlodovic of Lode is like made for it.

The shoes are Faster Pussycat too.
I have to say i love the collection there! From highest heels to beach
sandals… all amazing!

This pair is colorable in each color you wish with an easy to use HUD.

Style Card:

Faster Pussycat “Wicked pencil dress”
Lode Hat “Pine Roots”
Vanity “Tiffany” noir
Miamai Makeup DarkDesires
LaGyo “Illunis” necklace
LaGyo “Magnitudo” earrings
“You give me fever” shoes
Glam Affair Mary tan

The third and last Outfit  (for today 😉 ) is “Hellfire”.
I really love this one because it is the crazy, wicked and sexy style for what i love Faster Pussycat. Great job Honey!
It comes with the nipple shield, spiked bracelets and the amazing horns!

Again the shoes are Faster Pussycat!

Style card:

Faster Pussycat “Hellfire”
Faster Pussycat “Galaxy”
Lelutka Biel Hair
Glam Affair Mary Tan