~GizzA – Gitana Del Alma Mía~

Gizza released a limited Edition of 50 gowns… if you want this gem in your inventory, you need to ruuuuuuun ❤

Hair by Vanity! ❤


Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012

Dear lovely Designer,

are you ready for an outstanding and breathtaking event in 2012? Imagine summer and long days, the sun high in the air and a reach blue sky, beautiful women and bold men showcasing your awesome fashion?! These are the trademarks of our upcoming show-set.

We, Passion Fashion Agency and Allure Inc., are proud to present the “Summer Fashion Week 2012”, to be hold from 6th to 10th of June. Both agencies can present well organized and successful fashion shows and events in the past in SL. More informations and show examples you will find on our websites: http://passionagency.wordpress.com/ and http://slallureinc.wordpress.com/.

As one of the best Second Life fashion designers we would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join in this fabulous experience. We would be glad and proud to create a unique and memorizable event together with you.

Among you will found the planed course for the show, our attainments and if you are interested to join, all we would need from you.

Planed course of the Fashion Week:
– “Grand Opening” at 6th of June (you will get a separate notecard with full information over this, if you agree to join)
– daily single shows presenting individual designs by the participating brands from 11 am till 3 pm slt
– Unique “Closing Show” at the 10th of June
Attainment by the organizers:
– full marketing and advertisement pakage: your logo on invitation texture, advertisement on blogs, fashion syndicates plus web 2.0 like Flickr, Facebook, announcements in relevant in world groups
– amazing sets and stages
– a voice and chat hosted 2 sim show (one for models, one for audience)
– your designs available in vendors to the audience for one stop shopping convenience
– original written scripts
– photographs during the show and if possible a video of weekend festivities

Your attainments:
– show rate: 10 000 L per single show representing stuff from your brand
– 15 show outfits or less for max. 5 models
– your logo in full perm

If you like to join, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the Executives/owners mentioned,
we would be happy to have a personal talk with you.

Leandra Breen and Florentine Rau, Passion Fashion Agency
Annough Lykin and Nala Kurka, Allure Inc.

TREND Magazine **** N E W ****

in march 2012

Do you ever see someone inworld or on flickr wearing something attention grabbing and say “Wow I wish I’d thought of that” or “I wonder where they got that?” and ping off them everywhere? Well TREND is the magazine for you!

Brought to you by some of the best models and photographers in Second Life, featuring the best designers in Second Life. A new spin on traditional, staid Second Life fashion magazines, TREND is written with you, the model, or fashion aficionado in mind.

Florentine Rau
Krise Shepherd
Leandra Breen

Faster Pussycat News

I am a huge fan of Faster Pussycat since long time and Honey Bender keeps amazing me with new outfits.

Today is FP Lady Garden Cabaret “Satine” – silver the look of my choice. A beautiful sequin bodysuit in silver with a glittering stars skirt. A wow in this is the headpiece, which is included…

This outfit is a perfect choice for celebrate a dazzling and glamorous New Years Party ❤

Skin: Glam Affair Linn
Jewelry: Finesmith

Angel Dessous – Seoul

Keira, model, photographer and stylist wears

Angel Dessous – Seoul Black-Silver

Gown for Miss South Korea, Caoimhe Lionheart, Top 12 Finalist of MVW 2012

F I N E S M I T H  Grace Earrings (Winter gift)

N-core FEMME “Noir Intense”

booN KZK736 hair black

-Glam Affair- Linn Light – D 02

blackLiquid MAKEUP blue glitter shadow

[ PXL ] OpenMouth addon

[PM] Sculpted Nails V2 – Gloss

Angel Dessous goes Mesh

Katy is a sexy Mesh Cocktail dress in various fabrics from black glitter to Animal cheetah print.


Katy is a slim and sexy cocktail dress in bustier style.

The different fabrics are adorable and perfect for mix with
all kinds of styles.

The Katy set includes three different sizes of the skirt, also alphalayers and model shapes for a perfect fitting of the dress.

~ Katy ~ is available in many different fabric design at Angel Dessous Mainstore

Keep in mind : Second Life Mesh items are not adjustable !
You will need to have Second Life viewer 3, or ones that are compatible with meshes

… then you will see how perfectly the dress surround your curves when you walk around and try different poses


Stay styled,

Lea ❤