House of Rage Evolution – Fury and Saga

House of Rage
Evil has evolved…
 Outfit: H.O.R. EVOLUTION – Saga
Hair: booN UEJ006 hair blueblack
Earrings: F I N E S M I T H – ASIA
Outfit: H.O.R. EVOLUTION – Fury
Earrings: F I N E S M I T H – ASIA
Hair: *booN ARK554 hair
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots Black Suede

Seoul Wedding Edition from Angel Dessous

Looking to having a New Year Wedding? Angel Dessous’s Seoul Wedding Gown is a stunning satin and lace gown made from MVW Miss South Korea gown of Caoimhe Lionheart. Be glaring new year’s bride to start your new life.

Wedding Gown: Angel Dessous – Seoul-white-wedding-c
Earrings: Alienbear (Precious Queen Earrings IV white)
Prim Nails: :: PM :: Special Silver Pack II
Hair: *booN LAE656 hair
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots White Leather

Countdown – 3 Hot and Sexy Release

Here are three releases from Countdown – Have you picked out an outfit for up coming New Year? Why dont you bring in the New Year with one of these haute and sexy outfits available from clubbing outfits to formal gown at Countdown store.

Outfit: Countdown.Winter Look#4
Jewelries: :: PM :: Feather Set Platinum -Necklace + Earrings + Bangles-Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Tamatha Brown Mocha Splash

Outfit: Countdown.Dance for you
Jewelries: ((Crystal line))Square Red Accessory set
Hair: booN UEJ006 hair blueblack

Gown: Countdown.Confidential Gown
Jewelries: +:+WTG+:+ **Plume**
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Tamatha Brown Mocha Splash

Azoury’s Two Hot New Releases

Azoury has two sexy outfits in the store I’m sure you’ll fall in love with.

 Shorts w/Bow: AZOURY-Le Short taille haute Doll Orange
Top: AZOURY-Le Soutien gorge Doll
Shoes: AZOURY-Les Bottines Doll Orange
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Tamatha Brown Mocha Splash
Jewelries: “R.A.Crystal”*Lily*ruby

Full Outfit: AZOURY-Tenue Pivoine includes Shoes
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Moxie Brown Mocha Splash
Jewelries: ((Crystal line))Square White Accessory set