Finesmith July 2011

Another Finesmith blog. I can’t stop showing you the really awesome creations of Yula Finesmith! She released some outstanding new sets.

The first is called “Giz” and i love it! Teal is one of my fav colors and the design of this is fabulous. It is lovely and futuristic too, so it will be one of my FS  all time favs ❤

The second style is a kind of egyptian queen. Finesmith Black Nile Earrings and Goatee, Nquada Corset, Headpiece and bracelets as well as Maya Nippleshields. Finesmith jewelry is inspirating!

3rd and newest Outfit is the Anigma Inspiration Set (skirt, hat, collar and hand ornament). Thats an outstanding outfit or? I used a Nuuna B&W skin for it.


Yula Finesmith keeps surprising with new details and ideas! THE jewelry brand for lovers of unique and fabulous designs.

Poses:  CORPUS by Diconay Boa

Stay stylish <333



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