[Aliza Karu] goes punk!

Hello Fashionistas,

watch out, Punk is coming! Aliza Karu released some fabulous dresses in punk style. Buttons, clips, clothespins and all little perfect details for the style. Also hair and boots are designed by her and they are awesome.

Let’s have closer look at the dresses. This is “Punk sweet Lace” dress. A dress for little punk princesses, who are wild but also sweet looking. The waist long leather jacket is highly detailled and an awesome contrast to the sexy bra and the white bustier and lace skirt.

Look at the little details like the pinned heart on the bustier or the ribbons on the hair :-)) i love that!

Another new release is “Button true”. It comes in 5 great colors, and i chosed piiiiink for showing you. Let’s go pink!

Button true is an outstanding dress. I think Alizas style is very unique and fashionable. look at the shoes 🙂 I never saw that style before, really unique.

The scarf is as well as the whole dress decorated with bows, needles, buttons… and the glasses are in the set too… it’s just sooo cute!

Here is your Limo to [Aliza Karu] Shop and more info:




Punk sweet lace
[Aliza Karu] Punk sweet lace dress, hair and boots
Skin Clinique Alice
[NS] Rock’n’Rolla Chain necklace
:Fusion: Hopp bead earrings silver

Button true pink
Dress, shoes, scarf, glasses [Aliza Karu]
Hair Vanity “Kaos”
[Glow] Studio earrings “Colors of Zebra”
**PTY** Pink Emo bracelets




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